November 2, 2020 Insight: Politics Podcast with Cam Slater – Episode 29

Today is my birthday. Two years ago I celebrated my 50th birthday in hospital after a stroke poleaxed me on the 28th of October.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, but suffice to say I am still recovering from the effects.

The specialists told me that I’d never use my right arm or hand again. Well, that turned out to be lie.

I am back shooting again, and I am becoming competitive. I actually qualify medically for Paratrap, because of my obvious handicaps caused by the stroke.

I still attend physio twice a week because I am still improving.

I still do experience some problems, particularly with my short term memory, but it isn’t going to stop me doing the things I love and enjoy.

The stroke and its long recovery and the whole year I took off have given me some perspective. I had more time to think, even if i needed regular nana naps to do that thinking.

I am currently working on some concepts for countering the left wing media. I’ll share those thoughts in coming months.

However it is fair say that we need to have our own networks. We need a Conservative Media Foundation that helps fund conservative content. 

The left wing has the NZ on Air trough and all the existing media outlets. We have nothing.

It is time to change that.

With adequate funding we could have our own streaming radio network, or shows like Louder with Crowder, or Paul Joseph Watson. We have the talent in New Zealand, it is time to power them up.

A recent media ratings site showed that Kiwiblog and The BFD are the only conservative media outlets in New Zealand, and The BFD was rated the second least biased.

We have a good core, now is the time to add to that core. We are fast approaching our short term goal of having 1000 paid members. Once that goal is achieved we will then set a new and extended goal.

It is thanks to loyal members like yourselves that we continue to be a voice in a pinko wilderness.

Thanks for your continued support.

I’m Cam Slater and this is Insight: Politics.