August 31, 2020 Insight: Politics Podcast with Cam Slater – Episode 21

We are now entering the fourth week of compounding bad news for the government.

As each stuff up is revealed and the more time the Prime Minister spends explaining away the stuff ups the less the public has confidence in their ability to manage the pandemic.

The past four weeks have exposed the Government and their PR messaging and slogans as just that.

PR and slogans.

Scratch the surface and the facts are laid bare and they aren’t pretty.

As more and more people find out that the health response was more good luck than good management the angrier they get.

When they lose their jobs and businesses as a result of that mismanagement they’ll get even angrier.

No amount of slogans and weasel words can undo the damage being done because the government has employed a disaster of an elimination strategy that was always doomed to fail.

Calling a virus tricky as some sort of labeling and blame sharing device is just lame.

The simple facts, as you will soon hear, is that the Government that failed to deliver affordable houses under their Kiwibuild scheme.

And the Government that failed to build light-rail to the airport. is the same Government now failing at the border.

It really shouldn’t be a surprise.

I’m Cam Slater and this is Insight: Politics.